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Corporate News *   Infosys may get Rs. 400 crore revenue boost from GSTN project *   Petition filed in Delhi HC alleging charging of excess Tax by restaurants in Delhi, notice issued [Read Petition] *   Govt hits the excise gusher with petroleum products *   GST to strengthen growth, make economy more predictable: PM Narendra Modi *   GST to benefit pharma industry, but pricing remains a concern. *   Standard rate of GST should be less than 20%: Assocham. *   A single rate GST unlikely for now. *   High Court slams customs dept for not obeying court orders *   Nifty50 eyes Mt 9K by Dec if GST gets through; top 10 stocks to bet on *   Modi govt reaches out to Congress, seeks support on GST bill *   PM Narendra Modi to flag GST bill at Inter-State Council meeting *   Government reaches out to opposition for support on GST bill *   Modi Government Reaches Out to Congress Over GST Bill *   Harmonise custom duties, taxation for BBIN initiative's success *   Tariff Notification in respect of Fixation of Tariff Value  {See Notification no. 101/2016-Cus (N.T.) in what’s new} *   Jaitley to miss G20 to press for GST in monsoon session *   GST may hurt United Spirits earnings in FY18, says Credit Suisse *   GST will pass in coming Monsoon session of Parliament: Nitin Gadkari *   Excise D.C. faces farmers’ ire over comment on liquor shop *   Jewellers welcome govt decision on excise duty exemption limit *   Government Has Our Support On GST, War On FDI *   CBEC, FTAPCCI clears industry concerns on GST Law *   Amend notification No. 12/2012-Customs, dated 17.03.2012 [S. No. 284A  { See Notification no. 42/2016 dated 13.07.2016in what’s new}   *   Amend notification No. 35/2001 {See Notification no. 32/2016 dated 13.07.2016in what’s new}   *   Procedure regarding Duty Free Shops{See Notification no. 32/2016 dated 13.07.2016in what’s new} *   Changes to GST obligations for overseas businesses *   Govt reaches out to Cong for passage of GST in monsoon session *   FTAPCCI seeks revision of model GST Law provisions *   GST hailed as an important tax reform *   GST should be imposed on renewable equipment imports: Piyush Goyal
Subject News *   Merchandise exports from India scheme (MEIS) – Addition in table 2 [ containing ITC (HS) code wise list of products with reward rates] of appendix 3B *   Central Board of Excise and Customs makes amendment in schedule 1 of  notification No.112/2016-CUSTOMS (N.T.), dated 18th August, 2016 *   the Central Board of Excise and Customs further amends in the notification No.78/2014-Customs (N.T.) dated the 16th September, 2014 *   The Central Government, further amends the notification No.12/2012-Central Excise dated the 17th March, 2012. *   the Central Board of Excise and Customs appoints the Commissioner of Customs, Chennai-II, Custom House, Chennai *   Amendment in Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009{ See Notification no 115/2016-CUS in What’s new} *   Whether the service of transportation of goods to sugar factory provided without a consignment note can be leviable to service tax? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3215 in what’s new} *   Is the prior permission required from statutory authority for transfer of Cenvat credit account resulting from amalgamation/merger? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3214 in what’s new} *   Whether assembly of different parts of decorative lamp shades and chandeliers amounts to manufacturing? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3213 in what’s new} *   Taxability of marketing services rendered by appellant to its group companies.{See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3212 in what’s new} *   Whether the person providing transport services to IFFCO using luxury bus can be treated as tour operator and service tax be levied? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3211 in what’s new} *   Demand of service tax liability under the category of Business Auxiliary Service. {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3210 in what’s new} *   Whether assembly and packing of different parts of decorative lamp shades amounts to manufacture? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3209 in what’s new} *   Whether Panchang classifiable as calendar? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3208 in what’s new} *  Whether quantity discount allowable if such discount given at depot? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3207 in what’s new} *   Whether pre delivery inspection charges by third party agency at the cost of buyer are includible in assessable value? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3206 in what’s new} *   Whether pre delivery inspection charges by third party agency at the cost of buyer are includible in assessable value? {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3206 in what’s new} *   Target to showcase GST at Gujarat gala *   Congress will support GST; Impact on Goa to be seen: Pratapsinh Rane *   GST will have inflationary pressure on tea, says Mistry *   GST rate above 18% would hurt growth, says CII president Naushad Forbes *   GST rate on processed foods should be low or zero: CII *   Delhi Assembly ratifies "big reform" GST bill *   Shiv Sena to support GST ratification in Maharashtra *   AAP initiatives to ensure GST implementation by April 1 *   Special session of Goa Assembly to ratify GST on Aug 31 *   Gujarat Assembly ratifies GST Bill in the absence of Congress MLAs *   Inclusion of 'Republic of Guinea-Bissau' in the list of countries eligible for preferential tariff {See Notification no. 46/2016-Cus in what’s new} *   Services provided to the government, a local authority or a governmental authority with regard to water supply.{See circular no. 199/09/2016-ST in what’s new} *   Guidelines for Provisional Assessment under section 18 of Customs Act, 1962{See Circular no. 38/2016-Cus in what’s new}