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Corporate News *   Nifty50 eyes Mt 9K by Dec if GST gets through; top 10 stocks to bet on *   Modi govt reaches out to Congress, seeks support on GST bill *   PM Narendra Modi to flag GST bill at Inter-State Council meeting *   Government reaches out to opposition for support on GST bill *   Modi Government Reaches Out to Congress Over GST Bill *   Harmonise custom duties, taxation for BBIN initiative's success *   Tariff Notification in respect of Fixation of Tariff Value  {See Notification no. 101/2016-Cus (N.T.) in what’s new} *   Jaitley to miss G20 to press for GST in monsoon session *   GST may hurt United Spirits earnings in FY18, says Credit Suisse *   GST will pass in coming Monsoon session of Parliament: Nitin Gadkari *   Excise D.C. faces farmers’ ire over comment on liquor shop *   Jewellers welcome govt decision on excise duty exemption limit *   Government Has Our Support On GST, War On FDI *   CBEC, FTAPCCI clears industry concerns on GST Law *   Amend notification No. 12/2012-Customs, dated 17.03.2012 [S. No. 284A  { See Notification no. 42/2016 dated 13.07.2016in what’s new}   *   Amend notification No. 35/2001 {See Notification no. 32/2016 dated 13.07.2016in what’s new}   *   Procedure regarding Duty Free Shops{See Notification no. 32/2016 dated 13.07.2016in what’s new} *   Changes to GST obligations for overseas businesses *   Govt reaches out to Cong for passage of GST in monsoon session *   FTAPCCI seeks revision of model GST Law provisions *   GST hailed as an important tax reform *   GST should be imposed on renewable equipment imports: Piyush Goyal *   Govt reaches out to Congress for passage of GST in monsoon session  *   Five-fold hike in purchase limit on goods at duty free shops at airports *   NOW, DRY BIHAR TO MAKE MOUTHS DRY WITH FEAR *   Police want Excise Dept. to take action against bar *   Planned excise alcohol law changes signal potential boost for the logistics sector *   Indirect tax collection soars 30.8% growth in Q1 *   Textile industry welcomes new minister, seeks minimum GST merit rate *   FM promises ‘minimum Pay’ 7th Pay Commission hikes
Subject News *   Instructions regarding provisional attachment of property under Section 73C of the Finance Act, 1994{See Circular no. 196/06/2016-ST in what’s new} *   Export related procedural simplifications{See Circular no. 1042/28/2016-CX in what’s new} *   Clarification on computation of exemption, eligibility, exemption limits and other related issues for SSI {See Circular no. 1040/28/2016-CX in what’s new} *   Guidelines for Excise Audit of Manufacturers / Principal Manufacturers of articles of jewellery or parts of articles of jewellery {See Circular No. 1041/29/2016-CX in what’s new}   *   Guidelines for issue of summons, visits, search, seizure, arrest and prosecution {See Circular No. 1044/32/2016-CX in what’s new} *   General procedures regarding excise duty on articles of jewellery or parts of articles of jewellery or both falling under heading 7113{See Circular no. 1043/31/2016-CX in what’s new} *   Taxability for the stock lying as on 29.02.2016{See circular no. 1045/33/2016-CX in what’s new} *   Increase the SSI Exemption limit and the SSI Eligibility limit for articles of jewellery or parts of articles of jewellery or both {See Notification no. 28/2016-CE in what’s new} *   Exclude Handicrafts from the purview of excise duty exemption for "handicrafts".{See Notification no. 29/2016-CE in what’s new} *   Partial exemption from Central Excise duty on articles of jewellery falling under heading 7113{See Notification no. 27/2016-CE in what’s new} *   Prescribes 1% excise duty on parts of articles of jewellery falling under heading 7113 {See notification no. 26/2016-CE in what’s new *   Regarding assessment of Bulk liquid Cargo{See Circular no. 34/2016 in what’s new} *   Extension of ADD on imports of certain Rubber Chemicals {See Notification no. 35/2016-Cus (ADD) in what’s new} *   Now Silver Bullion & Cigarettes also fall under Sec 123 of Customs Act,1962.{See Notification No. 103/2016-Cus (NT) in what’s new} *   Provide exemption from export duty to Organic sugar {See Notification No. 43/2016-Cus in what’s new} *   Import Policy of UAS/UAVs/RPAs/drones {See Notification no. 16/2015-2020 in what’s new} *   Notifying Minimum Export Price (MEP) on export of Potato{See Notification no. 15/2015-2020 in what’s new} *   Credit admissibility of service tax paid on External Commercial Borrowings under RCM.{See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3190 in what’s new}             *   Refund of Education Cess paid on services used in export of goods.{See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3189 in what’s new} *   No penalty if service tax along with interest paid before issuance of SCN. {See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3188 in what’s new} *   Whether duty payable on transaction value on ‘as such clearance’ of inputs?{See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3187 in what’s new} *   Whether limitation applicable for amount mistakenly paid by way of credit?{See PJ/CASE LAW/2016-17/3186 in what’s new} *   Share of manufacturing in exports at 11-year high of 70% *   CBEC revises guidelines for clearance of consignments *   Signals positive for GST passage after many years: VK Garg *   ‘GST Bill to be moved only after finance ministers meet’ *   GST: CBEC warns of small traders exploiting loophole *   Department of Posts fails to pay tax, CBEC faults officials *   Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government seeks help from Centre for GST devices *   Traders raise objection to proposed GST bill, meets MP